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My books can best be described as family entertainment.

With apologies to Star Trek for adapting its opening but their aim "is to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations". Whether a real life explorer or just a simple science fiction writer, I can't think of better goals.

Of course, since stories needs action then nothing goes smoothly and that's when the fun starts.

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? The Stuart Johnson Chronicles ?

Stuart is a laid back sort of guy, content to watch the world go by. Then he met Brian. He's still content to relax in the local pub - but now it's between saving worlds.

Three Weddings and a Collapsing World Across the Continuum Sea Earth Against Earth Deja Vu To The Nth Time Askew The Long Way Round

? Worlds Beyond ?

In a world without electricity, steam dominates and a visitor with an electric torch is bringing technology beyond their wildest dreams.

? Other Novels ?

Fracture Point.. What happens if a solar flare could knock out the world's electricity supply. Impossible? Read Fracture Point.

Meanwhile In Time. Accidents happen. What happens if the accident involves Time Travel?

24-mgs Meanwhile In Time Fracture Point

? Short Story Collections ?

Stories about what happens when science goes wrong

24-Bilgamesh Disastrous Science

Video Clips

The following clips are based on the stories contained within these books. News Flash - Based on the story "World War 3" which is found in the collection "Disastrous Science".

Fracture Point - A promotional feature

Time Askew - A promotional Feature also has these clips. There is also a film "Flights of Fancy" produced by the Sheppey Writers Group

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