Science Fiction Books by Peter Apps

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? The Stuart Johnson Chronicles ?

Stuart is a laid back sort of guy, content to watch the world go by. Then he met Brian. He's still content to relax in the local pub - but now it's between saving worlds.

Three Weddings and a Collapsing World Across the Continuum Sea Earth Against Earth Deja Vu To The Nth Time Askew The Long Way Round

? Worlds Beyond ?

In a world without electricity, steam dominates and a visitor with an electric torch is bringing technology beyond their wildest dreams.

Worlds Beyond 2 Worlds Beyond

? Other Novels ?

Fracture Point.. What happens if a solar flare could knock out the world's electricity supply. Impossible? Read Fracture Point.

Meanwhile In Time. Accidents happen. What happens if the accident involves Time Travel?

24-Bilgamesh Meanwhile In Time Fracture Point

? Short Story Collections ?

Some stories about what happens when science goes wrong

Disastrous Science

Video Clips

The following clips are based on the stories contained within these books. News Flash - Based on the story "World War 3" which is found in the collection "Disastrous Science".

Fracture Point - A promotional feature

Time Askew - A promotional Feature also has these clips. There is also a film "Flights of Fancy" produced by the Sheppey Writers Group

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